Friday, June 27, 2014

friday links

It is the July long weekend, already, wow! also half the year has gone by. There is something exciting about the start of summer. Being able to take holidays, wherever that is for you, whether it is a road trip to a beautiful lake, cabin, campground, summer rental, or spending time with friends and relatives for long weekends, or just chilling in your own backyard. The change of pace and scenery refuels us for the next couple of months.

My long weekend agenda is wide open, no pre-planned plans, just going with the flow. How does it get better than that!

Celebrating Canada Day on July 1st! if you are staying in Olds check out the Canada day activities for families at Centennial Park from 3pm-6pm

Here are a few cool Canadiana-made goods;

skin care from the east coast

ahh the scent of some of your favorite things, this is a cool web site

from Nelson, BC, some handmade eco friendly finds

oh, one more thing, two of your favorite sites in one... an app that combines Facebook and Pinterest called Facebook Paper, find out more at

quote of the day;
"when people show you-or tell you- who they are, believe them the first time, they show you and show you, and you still don't believe what you see! why does it take 29 times?"
Maya Angelou

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